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About Synfac

Synfac is Belgian consultancy with its headquarters in Brussels. 

Today we provide permanent and temporary staffing solutions in multiple sectors with a team that consists of 95% internals employed by Synfac.

Each sector, we treat has a dedicated business unit of which some have been a consultant themselves in these fields for many years which gives us the right expertise to recruit the perfect candidates.

Thanks to partnerships with major players in each field and our established reputation among experiences professionals in our target fields, Synfac has grown rapidly in a very short time and is now capable of meeting all the necessary needs in IT and Engineering as well as in the Energy, the Public and Industrial sector.

Seeking a new opportunity or needing to recruit the very best profiles to fill your company’s need, Synfac’ s best daily practices is to carry out such demands to provide you with the highest quality of solution in the fastest timescale possible.

The recipe for our successful solutions, which we are always able to guarantee our clients and candidates, is deploying a wide range of applicant tracking solutions such as headhunting, job boards, internal and external databases, social media, our own very broad network that we have built through the years.

And of course, our dedicated people specialized in each and every field.

 Our strongest asset, however, is the fact that the Synfac founders work as a consultant themselves, therefore having their foot on the ground where necessary and also have accumulated a huge consultant network themselves due to past work experiences.

Therefore, we would be delighted to become a supplier of yours as I am convinced that we could start a fruitful partnership.



We are surrounded by screens, tech, and a huge volume of data. But is every interaction useful? Needed? By designing and developing high standard technological solutions directly inspired by those who use them, we give back meaning to technology and we place it at the right spot.

Regarding our technical background, Synfac is the transformation architect for corporations and public administrations, guiding its clients from the definition of the strategic vision to its technology implementation. “Beyond the obvious” is the company’s signature, which reflects its commitment to driving innovation and promoting growth in order to create better ways of working.

During our journey in life, we discovered that a lot of organizations struggle to keep people motivated and engaged in their change projects, innovation projects and/or business as usual. The obvious consequences of this struggle are sub-optimal results for the businesses and/or projects involved. We strongly believe that the best results come from motivated and engaged people who know how to collaborate with everybody involved.

We exist since 2016 and we start our activity beginning of 2017 this is the list of our customers:

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